Interactive Virtual Roundtables

The Digital Leaders Academy features an all-new roundtable format, allowing you to join smaller focus groups with aviation peers and find a way forward on crux challenges including: Harnessing employee-led innovation; SLAs/KPIs post-Covid, digital solutions to the crisis; culture change; and many more.

Delegates will join breakout groups which will focus on key leadership themes and explore the challenges with a GHI facilitator. Sessions are 30 minutes and will then repeat with the groups swapping and each delegate can attend a maximum of three roundtables.

After this, workshop facilitators will report back on the keynote findings from the roundtable discussions to the main group and identify key learnings.

Traditional SLAs based on OTP, first bag offload times and other high volume influenced indicators are in need of a rethink. The workshop will explore the value of SMART (simple, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-related) SLAs and how SLAs can be adapted post pandemic to the advantage of all stakeholders.
Facilitator: Wolfgang Fasching, Founder & Owner, AGORA Consulting
The workshop will investigate how we as business leaders can create a culture where frontline employees feel empowered to put forward ideas on improving their business environments and how we capture and implement the ideas.
Facilitators: Colin Boughton, former European Operations Director, Fujifilm & Gary Burgess, Continuous Improvement Manager, FujfFilm
The pandemic has left its mark on all of us - as individuals and as a team of an organisation. How do we now use this opportunity to review, learn and adapt our current outlook, further bind our teams and provide the platform of continued sustainability for our business? It starts with us as leaders, building a ‘culture of care’ within our organisation and across the industry. The ‘culture of care’ builds the foundation for the ‘culture of change’ enabling our teams to embrace change and ultimately therefore create a ‘culture of the future’. Join us to find out how this approach can support you as an individual and the impact it can have on your team! 
Facilitators: Desiree Perez, Leadership Coach & Aviation Consultant & James Wyatt, Aviation Consultant Psychological safety and high performance
What are the steps to boosting our operational agility to cope with capricious flight schedules in terms of human factors and IT?
Facilitator: To be announced