GHI’s Leaders Academy was launched in 2018 to help aviation business leaders better engage their people in the quest for world-class OTP, quality and safety on the apron

A series of ‘how to’ case studies and interactive workshops will explore the link between improved employee engagement and outstanding station performance.

The Leaders Academy provides an open and supportive environment for aviation professionals to share best practice lessons around motivating front line teams, combating staff attrition and managing the peaks and troughs of a typical daily schedule. 

Topics for 2019 include:
  • Fostering a high performance team culture where operatives bring discretionary effort to every shift
  • How to schedule and plan more effectively to manage peaks and troughs
  • Strategies for more effective recruitment and retaining your best people
  • Steps to the enlightened SLA: moving to a more collaborative partnership with airlines
  • Harnessing employee-led innovation and improvement ideas from your front line team
  • Your role as the station leader in boosting operational performance 
After a successful debut at Heathrow in October 2018 – GHI will reveal the dates and location of our 2nd Leaders Academy shortly.

Watch this space...

“To solve our skills shortages problem needs proper attention by the management. We need to free up time to focus on developing our people. And this pays off in less costs, better performance.”

Ground handling manager, GHI Skills Survey 2017

“Non-financial aspects play crucial role in developing and retaining skilled staff. We stress the importance of clear working career path, which every employee can follow. Plus, we provide additional benefits, which create and maintain the feeling of uniqueness of the ground handling job.”

Ground handling manager, GHI Skills Survey 2017