Take an exclusive tour of the new Istanbul Airport at GHI’s 2nd Leaders Academy

With more than half of ground handlers suffering from skills shortages and stations under huge pressure to achieve OTP on finite resources - the need for inspirational leaders who can get the best out of employees and equipment has never been greater.

That’s why GHI created the Leaders Academy: to help you learn the secrets of harnessing people and processes to help maximise performance.

Our 2nd Leaders Academy will be held in Istanbul on 5-6 February, 2020 and includes the opportunity to take an exclusive tour of Celebi’s station at the brand new Istanbul International Airport.
Topics for 2020 include:
●      Human Factors: fostering high performance teams and a Just Culture
●      Planning and scheduling to manage people and GSE during  peaks and troughs
●      Employee engagement and the link with OTP, innovation and safety
●      Digital enablers and new tech: the opportunities for ground handling
●      Strategies for more effective recruitment and retaining your best people
●      Steps to the enlightened SLA: moving to a more collaborative partnership with airlines

The 2nd GHI Leaders Academy comprises an opening day featuring a series of ‘how-to’ case studies and interactive workshops on the topics above. Then on Day Two we will take delegates to go and see how the theory is put into practice with an exclusive tour of Istanbul Airport.

The Leaders Academy provides an open and supportive environment for aviation professionals to share best practice lessons around employee engagement, combating staff attrition and managing the peaks and troughs of a typical daily schedule. 

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“To solve our skills shortages problem needs proper attention by the management. We need to free up time to focus on developing our people. And this pays off in less costs, better performance.”

Ground handling manager, GHI Skills Survey 2017

“Non-financial aspects play crucial role in developing and retaining skilled staff. We stress the importance of clear working career path, which every employee can follow. Plus, we provide additional benefits, which create and maintain the feeling of uniqueness of the ground handling job.”

Ground handling manager, GHI Skills Survey 2017


Grand Hyatt, Istanbul - 5-6 February 2020